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Noah Basketball has closely studied the physics of basketball shots, and have determined an optimum shooting arc and distance: a 45-degree angle, and a point of entry 11 inches behind the front of the rim. To consistently shoot well, you’ll have to get the ball in at 43-47 degrees of arc, 10-12 inches from the front.

SHOT ZONE’s Noah Shooting System uses high-speed cameras to detect arc and distance in real time. This information is then immediately announced to you after every shot, so you can adjust your throws on the fly.

At first, the naked eye is not equipped to determine arc or distance from behind the ball. But over time—with the use of objective, immediate verbal feedback—you’ll instinctively grasp the right arc and distance. In no time at all, you’ll build the muscle memory you need for a perfect, consistent throw you’ll be proud of.

The Noah system also charts each of your shots, and generates a report of your maximum, minimum and average shot speed, angle of entry and distance from the rim so you’ll see your consistency and progress. And if you need a motivation boost, Noah also shows you where you stack up against other players around the country.

Here’s a video of how it works:


That machine is going to keep me around 10 more years... I’ll definitely use it every day.

Ray Allen

Miami Heat

I’m free throw coach, and I can now coach shooting better than ever, by using Noah.

Gary Boren

Dallas Mavericks Shooting Coach

Noah gives my players audio feedback every time they shoot. It teaches them to focus on getting the right arc and getting a repeatable stroke.

Tony Bennett

University of Virginia Head Coach