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Ball handling is an essential part of becoming a great player, but measuring skill at it always been subjective. Not any more; SHOT ZONE uses 94Fifty point-of-forceball sensor technology to immediately evaluate and assess your ball handling skill level.

Imagine a smart basketball that tracks your every move, counter and shot with real-time feedback and data—so you know your dribbling, shooting, accuracy and speed down to the millisecond. 94fifty has added patented inertial motion sensor arrays to the inside of the ball and then combines those sensors with sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms to automate what the ball can count. You’ll also know your shooting arc and speed of release so you can correct mistakes and land the perfect shot, even under the stress of a game.

We also record your patterns and diagnostics on your SHOT ZONE online profile and our leaderboards, so they’re available to you and your coach, 24/7. As you improve your muscle memory, you’ll actually see it in numbers—and make better, more consistent shots than ever.

The bottom line? You and your coach will understand your core skills better than ever, and with commitment and instruction, you’ll improve your game by leaps and bounds.

Here’s a preview of the 94Fifty system in use at SHOT ZONE:

Shooting Arc


Soften your shot for more consistency by learning to shoot ideal arc.

Shot release speed


Increase scoring with more shot attempts by always shooting at game speed.

Dribble intensity +speed


Become more versatileby learning to dribble harder under pressure with either hand.

Shot Backspin


Improve accuracy by developing a strong wrist for better follow through and a shooters touch.


Level up your workout

Test your skills by working through 4 levels of ball-handling and shooting drills. The drills are set to test your confidence at game speed conditions.

Fine tune in skill training

Use Skill Training to focus on learning specific or new skills. Select from Dribble Power, Consecutive Dribbles, Shot Arc, Shot Speed, Shot Backspin and Shot Speed + Arc. Think of it as free form workouts where you decide the skill and drill. Learn new skills, push your talent level, share your results and don’t be afraid to mess up – it’s the only way to improve


Determine the Best with Head to Head

Go head to head with your friends, teammates or fiercest competitor to determine who is boss. Play Head to Head shooting and ball-handling games with up to 5 players at a time and keep track of who’s on top of the leaderboard. Give headstart points to players to keep the playing field level if necessary.

Prove it with social Challenge

Social Challenge let’s you share skills with the world. Pick a drill and post your results with either video (iOS only) or a tweet. Challenge and tag a friend, show them you’ve been working on your game